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I am a Portrait, Events & Dance Inspired Photographer servicing the beautiful Dade & Broward Counties in South Florida. 


I love nature, taking a walk with my Micro Lens to capture it's beauty & all it's living creatures fills my heart with peace.  I love children, they have an ordinary way to teach us something, no matter how small they are.  I love music, and how through it there is great expression, it has the ability to make us want to move even with all it's diversity.  I also love dance, it has a way of letting us put feelings that can never be told in motion, it captivates my heart through my daughter and her journey in dance since she was in Pre-K.  Above all, My Love for the creator of all things & Combining all these passions into one is the ideal Shot!  


Photography reveals beauty, it goes beyond what the eye can see, it tells a unique story with in itself about us, who we are and how we are remembered.  I have been able to capture from Belly's to Belly Dancers, Baby Showers to Weddings, Recitals to Dance Competitions & There's no greater feeling than that of being able to capture the unforgettable moments that become the memories we create with the ones we love.   

"A Photograph has the power to leave our legacy;  A priceless, valuable image that creates memories that last a lifetime even when moments cease to exist.  Memories are not only for the moment, they last forever when they are frozen in time, revealing more to life than what is visible to the eyes of the world and everything in it."




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