Ramos A. Photography | About

Welcome to my photography website! 


Thank You for your interest in viewing my work.  I am an on location Portrait, Event & Dance Inspired Photographer, Sunny South Florida is my home town.   My passion for photography goes too far back to remember when it developed, but I purchased my first DSLR in 2010, photography is a never ending life line of learning and I love how it challenges me to visualize something in my mind and try to make it come alive in a frame.  My style is simple and natural, I capture what inspires me and love to share it with others but I couldn't do it without you.     

I love nature and all its beauty, it brings me great sense of peace.  I love children, they have an ordinary way to make me smile, they teach us something, no matter how small they are.  I love music, and how through it there is diversity and great expression, it has the ability to make us want to move even when we may feel motionless.  I also love dance, it has a way of letting us put feelings in motion that can't be expressed in words.  

GOD created each of us with a special talent and sharing it with others is what we are called to do.  Combining what I love into a frame and freezing it in time makes every shot worthy.     

Photography tells a unique story within itself about us, who we are and how we are remembered.  It takes us back to a special time and place, helping us relive the feeling of being in that moment.  There is no greater feeling than capturing an unforgettable moment that will become a memory you created with those you love even when time passes and the moments cease to exist.   


What better way than making your special moments everlasting?  

Let's start creating!